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There is an obvious distinction between dating, a sugar daddy relationship, and other sexual encounters in exchange for money. All of these revolve around the same thing, but how we think about them is very different. They evoke different feelings in us and are often regulated differently by the law. Society views all of these in different ways, too. For the open-minded among us, it is not very hard to see that these distinctions often do not make much sense. We are going to talk about this subject in some detail today; we will discuss dating sites Perth, as well as the scene of sugar daddy Perth and dating Perth style. Let us go ahead and get started on this.


We all know what this is. You go out with a man or a woman. One of you often picks up the check; there is a chance of things ending in a bedroom. It is completely accepted socially, even though it is often very similar to some of the other options we are going to discuss. If you think about it, there is often a clear exchange happening. It just goes by a different name. Often dates are not very clear in the intention of either party. It can confuse. One party may be looking for a temporary or even one-time affair, while the other may be searching for their soulmate. It is often problematic.

Seeking Arrangement

If you are not familiar with the terminology, we will clear it up for you. Seeking arrangement refers to a relationship between an older man and a younger woman. This woman will consent to share her time, company, and whatever else she feels like with this man. She will do this to receive gifts and go on exotic dates with the man. These are often rich men that are looking for sex and fun activities without having to commit to any kind of relationship. It should be noted that this kind of relationship is quite old and very common. It is considered legal everywhere in the world. Because even though gifts and other things are exchanged, there is no clear sex-for-money trade. It is a distinction that often does not make much sense if you ask us. It is the way things are, though. You can find a lot of legitimate seeking arrangement sites that will facilitate you finding a sugar daddy or sugar baby. Since this is legal, it is straightforward today to figure out a way to find a good sugar daddy or sugar baby online. You will find many sites that provide that service for you for a small fee. It is worth trying if you feel curious about this kind of relationship. You may find that it suits you for a period of your life. Many great perks come from this kind of arrangement, as you can imagine.

Escort Services

This is what is traditionally labeled as prostitution. Prostitution, as opposed to the two previous methods of sexual encounters, is illegal in most places in the world. It does not make a lot of sense to prohibit selling something that you are allowed to give for free, or in exchange for gifts of various natures, but that is the way our world works. The fact that this activity is illegal poses a great deal of problems for all of those involved in it. It makes for a hazardous environment in most cases. It also promotes abuse and exploitation. These things would not happen with a proper legal framework for sex workers.

Being an escort is very different from being a sugar baby in these regards, but it is very similar in others. You will still be providing your company and sexual favors to wealthy men in exchange for their money.

Your options

If you are looking for the company of young women and you have money to pay for it, we would recommend that you try out a sugar daddy approach. It is often a lot simpler; it is very much a straightforward affair. There is no confusion with this kind of interaction. Both parties consent to terms that they find acceptable and move forward from there.

On the other hand, if you are a woman looking to have fun and not much money in your pocket this is also a great choice. It is a lot safer to engage in a sugar daddy relationship than in escort services. You will often get a lot of perks on top of the gifts that you will receive. You will not have to worry about breaking the law, either. The social stigma related to this activity has reduced quite considerably in recent years. People see more and more that this kind of thing is mutually beneficial and not harmful to anyone else. That makes it a win-win situation that is hard to argue against. Old prejudices are starting to die off, and we see a more liberated society in terms of sexual encounters.


If you take stock of all your options, you will probably see what suits your needs and desires best. We should try to look at this aspect of life without preconceived biases and see it for what it is. There is a place for romance and love. There should also be a place for consenting adults to engage in whatever activity they feel like as long as they are not hurting themselves or anyone else in the process. The freer a society is about these topics, the healthier its population. Both in terms of psychological states and in terms of actual physical health.

Discussing these matters openly makes the flow of information a lot easier, which helps prevent diseases and other dangers.


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